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Quotes Just after opening his restaurant, owner Larry Hughes asked Hope's Graphics & Designs to create an elegant and classy look for his upscale Italian restaurant, realizing that he needed to be highly visible in the strip mall adjoining the Fry's Food store at 40th Street & Chandler. His justification was that "quality signage is ALWAYS a wise investment." Quotes
Larry Hughes, owner of "That Italian Place"
A Wise Investment

Quotes Aram Sayadi & Meza Fini, owners of "A Step Ahead" preschool and Montessori requested their front windows to be painted with the popular CHILDREN OF THE WORLD theme, which defines the wonderful diversity of children attending the school/daycare facility. The Ahwatukee Foothills News publication ran an article with interviews and photos and is available in the archives of AFN's records. The article was written by reporter Alison Hurtado in late spring 2012 and is titled "Working to Bring Color to Ahwatukee and Beyond." Also mentioned in the article is Malinda Malone, owner of Malinda's Pampered Pets, who said: "The clients love it! It's so bright, it just catches their eye and gives the salon a "homey feeling." Quotes
"A Step Ahead Preschool & Montessori"
Children of the World Project